Twelve Generations -- Ranger Y-Chromosome DNA

The Ranger Family of the St. Lawrence Valley and Central New York State - History and Genealogy of Descendants of Pierre Ranger -- Updated: February 1, 2019.

Our Ranger ancestry is as follows:
PIERRE Ranger:
[ bearer of Y-chromosome markers: M42 - M168 - M89 - P128 - M45 - M207 - P231 - M343 - L278 - P310 - U152 - L2 ]

(born c1631 in France) m Jeanne Boutin (see details below).

Their son:
Robert HUBERT Ranger dit Laviollette: [ bearer of Y-chr ]
(born in France, migrated to New France, which is now part of Canada) m Anne Girardin (c1661 - see details below).

Their son:
Joseph Ranger dit Laviolette: [ bearer of Y-chr ]
m Suzanne Sauvé dit Laplante, daughter of Pierre Sauvé and Marie Renée Michel dit Lefebvre, in 1726 at Ste. Anne de Bout de l'Ile.

Their son:
Louis Amable Ranger dit Laviolette: [ bearer of Y-chr ]
b.1739 m Marie Agathe Robillard, daughter of Claude Robillard and Marie Isabelle Daoust, in 1762, at Ste. Anne de Bout de l'Ile (Bellevue). Sibling: Louis Amable Ranger, b1733.

Their son:
Louis Basile Ranger: [ bearer of Y-chr ]
b. 17 Feb 1764 at Bout de l'Ile m Marie Rose Gauthier, daughter of Antoine Gauthier and Marie Anne Seguin, in 1793 at St. Michel de Vaudreuil.

Marie Rose Gauthier is descendant of Ignace Raizenne (Shonemtakwanni) and Elisabeth Nims (Touatogowach), who in 1704 were both captured in Deerfield, Mass., and forcibly removed to Montréal. There, they were adopted into the Bear Clan of the Iroquois. They married in captivity.
Their (Louis Basile Ranger and Marie Rose Gauthier) son:
Antoine Ranger: [ bearer of Y-chr ]
(b1798) married Rosalie Poirier dit Desloges in 1819. He second married Rose Elisabeth Barbe Citoleux dit Langevin, daughter of Louis Citoleux dit Langevin and Angelique Monpetit, in 1832 at St. Joseph de Soulanges (Les Cedres), Québec.

Their (Antoine Ranger and Barbe Citoleux-Langevin) son:
Basil DAVID Ranger: [ bearer of Y-chr ]
(1835), Elizabethtown township, Leeds county (Brockville), Ontario, Canada, Redwood, N.Y., farmer, m Margaret "Maggie" Pilon (b about 1843, m about 1859); Siblings: Damase: [ bearer of Y-chr ] (1826), Antoine: [ bearer of Y-chr ] (1833), André: [ bearer of Y-chr ] (1838).

Their son:
John David Ranger: [ bearer of Y-chr ]
(1864-1959), Brockville, Ont., Canada, Redwood, Theresa, Jefferson County, NY, Syracuse, produce farmer, landscaper, m Catherine Deruchie (about 1884); Siblings: Christine (1861), Antwoin: [ bearer of Y-chr ] (1862), Luis: [ bearer of Y-chr ] (1867), Francie: [ bearer of Y-chr ] (male - 1869), Thomas Rangé : [ bearer of Y-chr ](1871), Mary Rangé (1873), David : [ bearer of Y-chr ](1875), Margaret (1878), Andrew: [ bearer of Y-chr ] & Emma (1880), George: [ bearer of Y-chr ] (1882), Martha (1883).

Their son:
Charles Antoine Ranger, Sr.: [ bearer of Y-chr ]
(1896-1951) Brockville, Ont., Clayton, NY, Syracuse, NY. produce farmer, teamster; m Florence Rita Larocque (about 1915); Siblings: John Joseph : [ bearer of Y-chr ](1886), Margaret Maud (1889), Cicely Anastasia (1890), James Arthur: [ bearer of Y-chr ] (1892), Mary Kathleen (1898), George Edward: [ bearer of Y-chr ] (1901), Edna May (1905), Howard Wilbur: [ bearer of Y-chr ] (1910).

Their son:
Charles Antoine Ranger, Jr.: [ bearer of Y-chr ]
(1917-1982) Syracuse, NY, m Olive Eleanor Brennan in 1942, Sibling: James Edmund Ranger: [ bearer of Y-chr ](1923-2006).

Their son:
Robert Charles Ranger: [ bearer of Y-chr ]
(1945-) Ottawa, Canada, Syracuse, NY m Betty Ann Lewis, 1964. Siblings: Carol Ann Ranger (Carole Spencer) (1947-), Charles Michael "Mike" Ranger: [ bearer of Y-chr ] (1952-), Patrick Edmund Ranger: [ bearer of Y-chr ] (1954-).

PIERRE RANGER (born c1631) -The Rangers we have been able to trace came from Western France near the Bay of Biscay. Pierre Ranger and his wife, Jeanne Boutinne, lived in the city of La Rochelle in the old province of Aunis. He was a rouillier . . a merchandise wagon driver. Today, in France, the largest population of Rangers live in the Poitiers area which is in the old province of Poitou.

Robert HUBERT Ranger dit Laviollette c1661 La Rochelle, Charente, Maritime, France, soldat de la Compagnie de Lorimier. In 1686, Hubert married Anne Girardin c1673 Québec, daughter of Léonard Girardin c1645 St Pierre, Poitiers, Vienne, France; m 1671 Québec, and Marie Charlotte Jolivet c1648 Andreusil, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France. He may have enlisted in the colonial regular troops as a means of getting to Canada. Evidence suggests he left La Rochelle aboard "the Tempete on 29 Aug. 1683 and arrived at Québec on 7 November of that year.

After his discharge, Hubert and Anne probably settled in Bout de l'Ile, now called Ste. Anne de Bellevue in the County of Jacques Cartiers on Montréal Island, Québec. Situated near the point where the Ottawa River joins the St. Lawrence, an ideal spot for anyone engaged in the fur trade. The Ranger dit name was Laviollette. Was this a military alias? It may be that the nickname "Laviolette" may have been given to Hubert Ranger by his older comrades in arms because of his extreme youth and good looks.

Hubert died between 1726 and 1732 probably at Bout de l'Ile. His wife Anne died on 30 April 1760. At least four of their sons, Pierre [ bearer of Y-chr ], Thomas[ bearer of Y-chr ], Joseph [ bearer of Y-chr ], and Paul [ Bearer of Y-chr ]and one daughter, Louise Angelique, left descendants.Soon afterward a large contingent of the family moved across the Ottawa to the seigneury (now county) of Vaudreuil. From there they spread north across the Ottawa and west into Ontario on both the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers. Some settled in the Mississippi (Ont.) Valley.

The Rangers were for the most farmers, who trapped or worked in lumber camps during winter. In the days of the Northwest Company, some signed on as voyageurs for a year or so, and others were never seen or heard of again. Some became prospectors or miners, and the mining camps of Northern Ontario are well populated with Rangers.

Our branch of the Rangers migrated from Lachine, Pointe Claire, Bout de l'Ile, and Ste. Anne de Bellevue (near Montréal) to Rigaud, then up (upstream) the St. Lawrence to Brockville, Ontario. At Brockville, they adopted English as their first language. They continued migrating, making their way to Wellesley Island, Clayton, Redwood, and Syracuse. Rangers were established in Syracuse as early as 1858.

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