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Links to Y-chr DNA (Ranger) Haplogroups:

[ 覧 M42 M168 M89 P128 M45 M207

P231 M343 L278 P310 U152 L2 覧 ]

Links to mtDNA (Brennan, Lachance, McCuaig) Haplogroups:

[mtDNA: 覧 L3 N R J 覧 ]

Introduction and preface narrative press here

Definitions of commonly-used terms in the Genographic Project press here

The Genographic Project FAQ press here

Questions to which the Project seeks answers press here

Recent y chromosome (paternal - Ranger) heritage press here

MAP - R-L2 - Click here for MAP of paternal haplotype migration pattern.
Recent mitochondrial (maternal - Brennan, Lachance, McCuaig) history press here
MAP - J2b1a - Click here for MAP of maternal haplotype migration pattern.

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