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4004 B. C.
Adam and Eve. Adam, of Garden of Eden, Mesopotamia, married Eve, also of the Garden (c3980 BC). Apple/snake affair resulted in consternation for many generations to come. Our ancestress, Eve, was the first human to be successfully cloned.

540 A. D.
Plague during the reign of Emperor Justinian. The relatively small number of survivors of the Justinian Plague are the ancestors of all European peoples today. It is impossible for anyone to trace their lineage before the Justinian Plague. Some think that the Justinian Plague set the course of history back a thousand years.

First historical mention of any of our family names -- Pepin, Pepin le Peu (Pepin the Short, father of Charlemagne). If you actually could trace your family tree back to this time, you would find that nearly every European living then would be on your chart -- some of them hundreds, even thousands of times.

First Brennan - descended from Cearbhall (pronounced Carroll), the most famous king of Ossory. Through various political machinations, he ended up as king of the Vikings in Ireland in 873. Cearbhall's son, Braonan, founded Brennan family in Idough. Not much is known about him, so it is not clear why his descendants decided to adopt his name as the family's surname.

Knights The Knights Templar were founded and granted quarters in Jerusalem on the site of the Temple of Solomon; hence the name Knights of the Temple or Knights Templar. The secular overlord was our ancestor, Hugues, Count of Champagne, with spiritual leadership given by St. Bernard of Clairvaux. In 1125 Hugues of Champagne himself joined the new Order.

Castle First Bolduc appears, house of Brabant in what is now the Netherlands. Bois-le-Duc (Bolduc) was originally founded by Geoffrey III, Duke of Brabant, in 1184. He can probably be considered the first known Bolduc, though the use of surnames was not practiced yet.

First Larocque appears in Gascony, France. - On May 20th, messire Bernard, (if he had a last name it is unknown) swore "oath and hommage" to the count of Armagnac, Bernard VII, and became from then on the landlord of the fief of the bourg of LaRoque.

Arrival in Canada of some of our early progenitors.
Robert Hubert Ranger-Laviolette, from La Rochelle, Aunis, France, arrived in Canada serving with Colonial Regular Troops. In French they were called "Troupes de la Marine."

Lachine Massacre -On Aug. 5, in the early morning darkness, 1500 Iroquois warriors crossed the Lake St. Louis under the cover a hailstorm, and struck Lachine. Hubert Ranger and his family lived in the vicinity of Fort Cuillerier, in the eastern part of Lachine. The attack had forced the many of the habitants to retreat either to Lachine or Montréal. Later, the family moved to Bout de l'Ile, which could have been called the 'End of the World' -- there was nothing between them and the Pacific Ocean but trees and Indians. Hubert was among those who prospered in the area soon afterwards. He became progenitor of hundreds of Ranger families living now.

WhichDeerfield Massacre -Abigail Nims and Josiah Rising were both captured in Deerfield, Mass., and forcibly removed to Montréal. There, they were adopted into the Bear Clan of the Iroquois. They married in captivity, and with the birth of their daughter, Marie Anne Raizenne, were to become our ancestors. Pictured at right - A Little Captive (Who is captivating whom here?) Captured children intended for adoption frequently experienced kind treatment from Indian warriors. See 1704 raid on Deerfield, Massachusetts

Plains of Abraham -Battle that ended French rule in Canada. Plains of Abraham was named for our ancestor, Abraham Martin-L'Ecossais (the Scotsman), the first man of European origin to own that property.

Empire Loyalists -Though the McCuaig presence as Empire Loyalists is not yet firmly established, those of Celtic extraction who decided to remain loyal to the Crown, migrated to Canada after the American War of Independence and in so doing, set the cultural base for later waves of emigration from Scotland and Ireland.

First recorded McCuaig in Canada - There was a John McCouaig in Charlottenburgh in the 1795 Ontario census.

The Papineau Rebellion, and related events, that caused so much dislocation in Canada, coincided with Québec population explosion. Tens of thousands of French Canadians poured into New England and New York State. This wave of emigrants, which included many Rangers, extended to the western provinces and states, into Michigan, Ohio, down the Mississippi to Missouri (Rongey), and points south and west.

Irish famine - Likely cause of Brennan and Kenny migration from Ireland to Gatineau, Québec. It began with a blight of the potato crop that left acre upon acre of Irish farmland with failed harvests. Subsistence-level Irish farmers found their food stores rotting in their cellars, the crops they relied on to pay the rent to their landlords destroyed. Pictured at right is a famine refugee mother huddling with her two children.

First record of Ranger in Syracuse, N.Y. When the first city directory was published, three Rangers were listed.

Rangers' unusual migrating pattern. Rangers, including Basil David Ranger, and his son, John David Ranger, demonstrated a curious pattern of moving back and forth between Canada and the U.S, as if the border didn't exist at all. John was born in Redwood, N.Y., but also spent time in Brockville, Ont., where his older children were born, and then removed to Syracuse, N.Y. This theme was to continue for several generations.

World War II - Charles Ranger Jr., while visiting Brockville, Ontario, met Olive Eleanor Brennan, who worked at the Phillips Electric plant there. At the time, Phillips Electric was gearing up for the war effort. Charles and Olive got married in Ottawa, and shortly afterwards, Charles enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force. The last Ranger of this family line to be born in Canada was Robert, born to Charles and Olive in 1945 in Ottawa. Their subsequent three children, Carole, Michael and Patrick, were born in Syracuse, N.Y.

Blizzard of 1966 - Syracuse, New York was, without question, the worst blizzard of the 20th Century, heaping 66 inches of snow on Syracuse. Jeanette Michelle Ranger was born to Bob and Betty on January 27. Two days later, when it was time for the baby Jeanette and Betty to leave the hospital, the blizzard began to howl. Patients on snowmobiles (a new invention at the time) and on toboggans were being admitted to the hospital. It took three-and-a-half hours to bring Betty and Jeanette home in what was usually a 10-minute drive. Syracuse was shut down for several days and repercussions were felt for several weeks and months after that. The picture at left is the East Colvin Street hill between South Avenue and Summit Street. Ranger's apartment was behind the last house on the left at the top of the hill. You can hardly see it because of the snow.

You'll never believe who we're related to! One morning it was on the radio news that Celine Dion and Madonna both descend from a common ancestor, Zacharie Cloutier and are each other's distant cousin. We are also descended from Zacharie, so Celine and Madonna would be our cousins as well. Celebrity genealogy specialists helped us find many other cousins. In addition to living celebrities, several historic figures also are related. Come on in and meet your cousins.

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