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Updated: February 1, 2017.
Almost all of Ranger family history is included in this site. Some of the older, hard to photograph records are kept in an off-line archive. If you have a question about any name mentioned here, click on it and you will be linked to the relevant section, or
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Aubry Ban McDonald Barbeau Beauvais Bellemaniere Blanchard Bolduc Bouet Boulanger Bourbonnais Boury Boutin Boutinne Brabant Braonan Brennan Briere Brunet Cainie Canie Cearbhall Champagne Chatillon Chauvet Chevalier Ciccone Citoleux Clinton Cloutier Conille Couillaud Crevier D'hauteclair Dalmas Daoust David Delaporte Derocher Deruchie Desrochers Dion Dionne Duchesne Dufrain Dufran Dufrane Dufresne Durocher Filion Fontaine Fortin Gachiniac Gauthier Gautier Girardin Gougeon Greviere Guyon Jolicoeur Jolivet Kainie Kennedy Kenney Kenny Lachance Lachanse Laderoute Lafond Lalonde Lamadeleine Langevin Laplante Laporte Laroche Larock Larocque Laroque Laviolette Laviollette L'Ecossais Lefebvre LeGros Lemay Lepotier Leroy Letray MacDonald MacDonell MacDonnell Marcelly Marcilly Martel Martin McCuaig McDonald McDonell McDonnell McKenzie McQuaig Mercilly Merrill Mesny Michel Monpetit Morissette Mountbatten Ni Bhraonain Nims Odhner Pare Parfou Paris Parker-Bowles Pary Pelow Pepin Pépin Perrier Philion Picotte Pilon Poitras Pothier Potier Quenny Raizenne Rangé Ranger Rising Robidoux Robillard Roch Rochbrune Roche Rochon Rocquebrune Roi Rongey Roquebrune Roshia Roy Sauvé Sabourin Seguin Solde St.Georges St.Jeme Talonneau Teste Testu Tétu Vachignac Vaillancourt Valencourt Vanderique Violette Welding Wendenique Wendling Windsor Zoeckler


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