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The Lewis Family of Delaware County, New York State - History and Genealogy of Descendants of William Minue Lewis and Grace Bouton - compiled by Jeanette Zoeckler - - - Syracuse, New York, USA. Updated: February 1, 2017.

Our Lewis ancestry is as follows:
Harry William Lewis (c1834-c1920) m [?].
Their son:
Augustus Lewis (b1859 - d1966 age 107 yrs), Prattsville, Greene County, NY married (by common law) Mary Chamberlain (nee Rosemary Brown). He second married Frances Chamberlain, daughter of his first wife, Mary.
Their (Augustus Lewis and Mary Brown Chamberlain) son:
William Minue Lewis (1885-1965) of Conesville, Schoharie County, NY, married Grace Bouton (1889-1954), of Meredith, Delaware County, NY, dau of William Bouton (1852-1894) and Margeret Paterson. In 1954 he married his sister-in-law, Ruth A. Bouton. Siblings: Christine (1881-1979), Friend (1887 - ?), Myrtle (1896), James (1900), Ethel [?].

Ancestry of Grace Bouton is as follows:
Sheldon Paterson (1786-1853) m Ann [?] (1790-?) m [?]. Sibling: Mikel Paterson (d1811)
Their son:
George Paterson (d1881) m Julia [?]
Their daughter:
Margaret Paterson (1852-1894) m William Bouton (b1850) (m1871).
Their daughter:
Grace Bouton (see above). Sibling: Harry Bouton.
Their [William Minue Lewis and Grace Bouton] son:
Harry Friend Lewis (1907-1951) pictured above right, b. Meridale, Delaware County, Homer, Cortland County, owned and operated Tiny's Foods, a potato chip company in Syracuse, NY. He is thought to be descended from French Huguenots. While attending Hobart College, Geneva, NY, he met and married the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, Cora Mae Frost pictured above right, of Watkins Glen, NY. Siblings: Ralph Everett Lewis (1910-) and Arthur Elwin Lewis (1911-1991).
Their daughter:
Betty Ann Lewis, Syracuse, NY, b. Jan 12, 1945, m Robert Charles Ranger 11/21/1964. Siblings: Richard Lavern Lewis, Syracuse, NY (1930-), Harry Franklyn Lewis, Campbell, Calif. (b 1935 - d June 8, 1992).
Our daughter:
Jeanette Michelle Ranger (Born in the Syracuse "Blizzard of 1966") m Eric Andrew Zoeckler of Cazenovia, NY in 1984. Siblings: none.
Their daughters and sons include:
Michele Renée Zoeckler (1987) m Nathan Odhner at Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania in July 2010, Reuben Lee Zoeckler (1989), Vernon Taylor Zoeckler (1991), Charlene Grace Zoeckler (1993), Ethan Lemuel Zoeckler (1996), Simeon James Zoeckler (1998), and Olivia Rose Zoeckler (2002).

In the photo of Augustus Lewis's children, Myrtle and Ethel are switched. Myrtle Lewis Cole is on the left, and Ethel is on the right.



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