Transcription of Frost/Couch genealogy

The document was sent by mail (c1937) from:

Mrs. Herbert Winters
Keuka Park
New York

which was superimposed over:

J. Emory Frost
109 Tenth Street
Watkins, New York


Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Frost
308 S. Decatur St.
Watkins Glen, N.Y.

The envelope was postmarked Keu[ka Park]. Maddeningly, the postmark date was torn off. On the back of the envelope is written:

Genealogy written by my mother, Isabel Frost Walker - JWC

The document itself is in fragile condition. It will be on display at the next Frost/Couch family reunion.

Frost/Couch genealogy and family history. - Updated: February 1, 2017.

Frost Genealogy

1st generation, William (1639) - 1645

2d " Daniel

3d " Joseph. Born 1644 - 1707

4th " Joseph " 1692 - 1757

5th " Joseph " 1727 - 1810

6th " Joseph " 1754 - 1844

Simon Couch Genealogy

1st generation, Simon (1661)

2d " Samuel - 1739

3d " Edna

Oliver Couch Genealogy

1st generation. Oliver (1636)

2d " Harry

3d " Oliver

4th " Johnathan

5th " Lucy 1758 - 1843.

Joseph Frost, 4th generation from William, married Edna Couch, 3d generation from Simon.

Joseph Frost, 6th generation from William married Lucy Couch, 3d generation from Oliver.

Frost History

William Frost, the progenitor of our family, came to America from Nottingham, England. He settled at Fairfield, Connecticut in 1639. He was then an old man and evidently of good family, who from religious principles and perhaps to escape persecution, had thought to end his days peacefully in New England. He died in 1645. In his will, dated Jan. 6, 1644, he bequeathed real estate and personal property of value to his children, and to the Town of [Uncorving?], 10 pounds sterling toward building a meeting house if and when it is half built. And all his "goods in Old England" left to his daughter, Mary Rily, who did not come to America.

All his children were born in England. They were: 2 Daniel, Rebecca, Sarah, Abraham (underscored in text), Elizabeth, Lydia, and Mary.

Daniel, son of William, became one of the five Bankside farmers. The name Bankside was afterwards changed to Green's farms.

Daniel married Elizabeth Barlow, daughter of John Barlow. Their children were: Rebecca (b1640), Daniel, Joseph 1st (3d generation) (1644 - 1757), Isaac, Sarah, Rachel, Hannah, and Esther.

Joseph, son of Daniel, married Elizabeth Hubbell, daughter of Richard Hubbell of Pequounock. Joseph died in 1707, in which year his estate was distributed. The children of Joseph and Elizabeth were:

4th gen. - Joseph 2d married Edna Couch, daughter of Captain Daniel Couch of Fairfield, Conn. Joseph and Edna had a son,

5th gen. - Joseph 3d, Born in 1727 - died Aug. 25, 1810. His wife was named Esther. She was born in 1728, and died March 6th, 1804. They had children:

6th gen. - Joseph 4th. Born May 22d, 1754, died May 29, 1844.
Sarah - (There were more but names unknown).

Joseph 4th married Lucy Couch, daughter of Johnathan and Eunice of Reading, Connecticut. They were married September 19, 1781 or 2. Joseph Frost died in 1844 and his wife died April 8th 1843.

Joseph Frost was a soldier of the American Revolution: according to State Records of Connecticut he was a private in Col. Benjamin Hinman's Regiment in 1775: he was honorably discharged Sept. 11, 1775. June 16, 1777 he enlisted as private in Captain Elijah [Alil]'s company. Colonel Burr Bradley's Regiment. He must have served between 1775 and 1777 as the records say he was taken prisoner at Fort Washington, November 16th, 1776, when Lord Howe captured the fort.

Joseph Frost and two brothers, one named Dimon, were taken prisoner and put on board an old prison hulk in New York Harbor.

They then endured great privations and suffering, and his two brothers died in the prison ship. During the war, Joseph was wounded in the leg and late in life received a pension for his services in the Revolution. In 1803, he and his family left Reading, Connecticut and settled in Schuyler County, New York State. He owned several farms in Connecticut and was in good circumstances, but removed to New York thinking the new country afforded better opportunities for his children. The children of Joseph Frost and Lucy Couch were:

7th generation. - Johnathan - Born April 23, 1784 - died Oct. 8, 1785.
Johnathan 2d, Born April 16th, 1788 - died June 30, 1859.
Sarah, Born April 4th, 1789 - died March 7, 1829.
Lucy, " April 1, 1791
Dimon, " May 12, 1792
Betsy, " April 27, 1794 died 1841
Joseph, " 1796, died Oct. 22, 1841
Eunice, Born June 4th, 1801 - died 1848.
Laura, Born July 19th, 1804 - died Aug. 14, 1872.
Eli Couch, Born May 5th, 1810 - died July 17, 1892.

Simon Couch History

The name Couch or Crouch, history says, comes from the Cross or Crucifix, which stood by the wayside: a family living near one of the crosses was called "Man by the Cross" or Crouch. The monks or friars had their cloaks embroidered with many crosses, "Crouchs" they called it: an old will left by one of the Couch family who first came to America had a [mystic, rustic] cross engraved on it, proving the name. Two brothers, Simon and Thomas Couch came to America from St. Mary's Altary, Devonshire, England: Thomas settled in the Eastern part of Connecticut, near the river; his descendants live there yet.

Simon, from whom we are descended, settled in Fairfield County, Connecticut. He was made a freeman, that is, given the right to vote, October 14, 1664.

He married Mary Andrews, daughter of Francis Andrews, in 1664.

Francis Andrews lived in Green's Farms. Simon Couch was a large land holder in Green's Farms: he first was a tailor, then an innkeeper, and in time became the owner of a great deal of land. He died when his sons were young and unmarried. He was buried on land belonging to him at Frost Point, looking out upon the [Long Island] Sound. The place was long known as "Couch Burial Hill."

The children of Simon Couch and Mary were:


2d gen. - Samuel, died 1744
Mary and Martha (twins)

Thomas had the best education and his brothers sent him to England to recover his father's inheritance, which records state amounted to five million dollars. The French and English were at war at that time and the ship upon which Thomas sailed was captured at sea by the French and Thomas was never heard from again.

Samuel, our ancestor, settled in Green's Farms. Schenk's History of Fairfield County says, "Captain Samuel Couch, son of Simon, purchased an immense tract of land of Chicken Sagamore of the Aspetuck Indians.

This was called the "Chicken Reservation or Estate." There is a copy of a letter in the Frost family written by Mr. Argill Gibb of Ovid, New York in 1826, which states that the date of the Chickens (or Chicken) deed was 1724 - the state deed is dated May 1724. Samuel was Captain of Militia and was one of the richest and most influential citizens of Fairfield.

He died in 1741. Edmund Lewis of Stratford was appointed one of the three administrators of his will. The land called the "Chicken Estate," he willed to his daughter Edna, who married Joseph Frost.

Samuel Couch married Edna - three children were:

3d gen. - Edna - married Joseph Frost 2nd.


Oliver Couch History

1 gen. - Oliver Couch - a native of Wolverton, Lincolnshire, England, whose father kept a hotel then called Lincoln's Inn, came to America in the ship Live Oak, Nov. 16, 1636.

In 1640 he settled in Saybrook or Lyme, Connecticut. He had two brothers, Henry and John, who came with him. Oliver, our ancestor, had a son named:

2d gen. Henry, who had a son
3d " Oliver - Oliver's son
4th " Johnathan had six children (his wife was Eunice) who were:
5th gen. Joseph
Lucy (underscored in text)

Eli married Edna Parsons. They had seven children.

Lucy married Joseph Frost 4th September 19, 1781. The names of their 10 children are given in the Frost History.

Jeanette's line back to Joseph Frost and Lucy Couch as follows:

Joseph Frost m Lucy Couch

Jonathon Frost (1786-1859) m Elizabeth Sherwood (1789-1866)

Thomas Sherwood Frost (1809-1885) m Lydia Cogswell (1811-)

Charles S. Frost (1835-1906) m Tressa Frost (1841-)

Charles H. Frost (1872-1955) m Elena Holmes (1881-1955)

Cora Frost (d1990) m Harry Friend Lewis (d1951)

Betty Ann Lewis (1945-) m Robert Ranger (1945-)

Jeanette Michelle Ranger (1966-) m Eric Andrew Zoeckler (1963-)

Michele Renée Zoeckler (1987) m Nathan Odhner at Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania in July 2010, Reuben Lee Zoeckler (1989), Vernon Taylor Zoeckler (1991), Charlene Grace Zoeckler (1993), Ethan Lemuel Zoeckler (1996), Simeon James Zoeckler (1998), and Olivia Rose Zoeckler (2002).

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