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Our Lachance heritage holds the distinction of having our family's earliest recorded ancestors supported by documentation.

Origin of word: chancel - ME - chauncel < OFr - chancel < LL cancellus < cancelli; cancel ME - cancellen < AngloFr - canceler < L cancellare (LL - strike out - cancel) - crossed bars, chancellor - ME & OFr - chanceler < LL cancellarius - keeper of the barrier.

Lachance ancestry is as follows:
André Pépin (b about 1605) was a merchant. He and his wife, Jeanne Chevalier, lived in Bourville, Le Havre in the diocese of Rouen, Normandy, France.
Their son:
Antoine Pépin dit Lachance, b1636, progenitor - arrived in Québec in 1655, married Marie Teste (daughter of Jean Testu and Jeanne Talonneau) in 1659 and lived in Isle d'Orleans. He died in 1703. He got himself involved in one of the first lawsuits in Canada.

. . . on 9 February 1664, a judgment from the Sovereign Council of New France mentions a lawsuit by Louis Couillard de L'Espinay against Jacques Billaudeau and his neighbor Antoine Pepin dit Lachance. The plaintiff asked that the defendants be ordered to return to him a moose which they had "taken" and that Claude Guyon, his partner, had actually killed. According to Couillard, Billaudeau and Pepin had taken and removed the carcass. Jacques admitted that he had indeed "taken" a moose in the woods; he drove it down to the bank where Guyon got a shot at it. As for himself, he was content with the head, but he did not understand what the plaintiff meant when he stated that he only made his accusation the next day. In the end, the Council decided to send the parties out of court and to settle the suit without costs. -- From The Story Of Jacques Billaudeau by Fred Warren, 1997.
Their son:
Jean Pepin dit Lachance, married Madeleine Fontaine, daughter of Etienne Fontaine and Marie Conille, on 30 October 1703 at St Jean, Ile d'Orleans, QC. Jean Pepin also had four children by his first wife Renee Guyon whom he married on 25 Oct 1688 and who was buried on 15 Jan 1703.
Their (Jean Pepin dit Lachance and Madeline Fontaine) son:
Jean Marie Pepin dit Lachance married Madeleine Pare, daughter of Prisque Pare and Marguerite Mesny, on 9 Febraury 1750 at Ste Anne, QC. Siblings: Jean b1704, Joseph b1706, Marie-Madeleine b1708, Monique, Marie-Joseph b1711, Gervais b1714, Jean-Joseph, Marie-Joseph, Angelique b1720, Brigitte b1723, Joseph-Marie b1725.
Madeline Pare is descended from Abraham Martin dit L'Ecossais. The Plains of Abraham, where the battle which led to France surrendering Canada to Britain was fought, was named for our ancestor, Abraham Martin-L'Ecossais (the Scotsman), the first man of European origin to own that property.
Their son:
Francois Pepin dit Lachance married Agnes Bolduc, daughter of Louis Amable Bolduc and Marguerite Bolduc on 19 August 1785 at St Joachim, QC (On the shore of the St Lawrence down stream from Québec City, just north of the eastern end of Ile d"Orleans). Both of Agnes's parents were surnamed Bolduc. They were second cousins once removed.
Agnes Bolduc is descended from Zacharie Cloutier, from whom, it is said, over one-third of the population of Québec is descended. Other Cloutier descendants include singers Celine Dion and Madonna, as well as British duchess, Camilla Parker-Bowles. For more information, see our Celebrity Cousins page.
Their son:
Olivier Pepin dit Lachance married Angelique Pary (Paris), daughter of Laurent Paris and Genevieve Briere, on 28 July 1817 at Montréal, QC.
Their son:
Julien Pepin dit Lachance (Sr) married Leocadie Gougeon, daughter of Jean Baptiste Gougeon and Leocadie Chatillon, on 16 May 1860 at Notre Dame de Montréal, QC.
Their son:
Julien Lachance (b about 1863), Ottawa, stonemason, m Mary McCuaig in 1886; Siblings: unknown.
Their daughter:
Marie Angelina "Lena" Lachance (1889-1980), Ottawa m Robert Alexander Brennan in 1914, Ottawa; Siblings: Ida, Bertha, Andrew, Albert, Edward, Donald, Julien, others.
Their daughter:
Olive Eleanor Brennan (1920-2010) Ottawa, Canada m Charles Antoine Ranger, Jr., 1942. Siblings: Robert Edward Brennan (1918-1987), Floyd Noel Brennan (1923-1997), Bernice Brennan (1926-2005).
Their son:
Robert Charles Ranger (1945-) Ottawa, Canada, Syracuse, NY, musician, computer specialist; m Betty Ann Lewis, 1964. Siblings: Carol Ann Ranger (Carole Spencer) (1947-), Charles Michael "Mike" Ranger (1952-), Patrick Edmund Ranger (1954-).
Our daughter:
Jeanette Michelle Ranger (Born in the Syracuse "Blizzard of 1966") m Eric Andrew Zoeckler of Cazenovia, NY in 1984. Siblings: none.
Their daughters and sons include:
Michele Renée Zoeckler (1987) m Nathan Odhner at Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania in July 2010, Reuben Lee Zoeckler (1989), Vernon Taylor Zoeckler (1991), Charlene Grace Zoeckler (1993), Ethan Lemuel Zoeckler (1996), Simeon James Zoeckler (1998), and Olivia Rose Zoeckler (2002).

Larry Coderre - Lachance family historian
Larry Coderre has supplied much of the material and insight for these pages. His expertise in Québec history, his first-hand knowledge of the church/parish system, and his understanding of French naming practices place him among the top authorities on French Canadian genealogy. Research techniques include careful cross-checking of every detail to ensure material is as historically accurate as it can be. We owe many thanks to Larry and to Lucille Ranger Coderre, his wife.

For more information about Larry Coderre and his help with this project, see:

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